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Beautiful Buck Creek and Surroundings
Trout Cabin for Grooms & Groomsmen
Brides Cabin on Hill Overlooking Buck Creek

Wedding & Event Venues in North Carolina

Family owned and operated since 2002, Double R Wedding Vows & Events has been providing an immaculate sanctuary for Mountain Wedding & Corporate Events of all types. Our History

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Let us host your special day, and make it something truly unbelievable!

Corporate Events

Put the phones away and let the team building begin at our serene wilderness retreat.


Browse our photo gallery of all the amazing spots on our 20 acre corner of the Nantahala Forest.

All Inclusive

Double R Wedding Vows and Events company offers All-Inclusive packaging for the Bride and Groom including Housing, Meals, Photography, WIFI, Set-Up, Breakdown/Clean-Up, Excursions (fishing, nature hikes, caravanning, etc.), Meals, Music, Wedding Ceremony/Vows, Cake, Reception Dinner and Event Planning.


The setting and surroundings at Double R Wedding Vows and Events are a rustic majestic wonderland which allows one to slow down, enjoy the beauty of the wildlife, clear running water steams, unique mountain nature of the Nantahala Forest which engulfs your soul, laughter with friends and family and living the simple life.


Even though you are only hours from large metropolitan cities, you become lost in time for moment as you are in the middle of nature and limited civilization, quiet, peaceful and calm surroundings. If the night is clear, you will be able to see hundreds of stars, breathe amazing night air and hear sounds you may have never heard or hear again.


This 20 acre landscape offers many different memories and sights to remember from rustic cabins, wedding chapel to lavish wildlife, nature, streams, rivers and mountains.  The time is now to settle back and enjoy a little time for yourself as this serene setting is cozy and then some.

Thoughts from our clients

As a vendor, I appreciate completing business with prompt and courteous venues and business owners. This establishment was great to conduct business with from beginning to end! I can say I’ll definitely be doing business with R&R again should they need my services. Who knows, I may see a vow renewal in my future ; ) Highly recommend!!!

AbbyEvent Vendor

To say breathtaking views would be an understatement. The environment is serene and calming. We like to leave our window cracked to hear the sound of the creek flowing to soothe our souls. The owners are more than inviting and Accommodating to say the least.

Bill & RebeccaGuest

20 Acres of Gorgeous North Carolina event space

A Mountain Wedding Paradise with its spacious natural beauty of Rhododendron along the crystal clear streams, along side the chapel, and around the rustic and serene property, sounds of the wildlife, streams coupled with viewing  of the amazing stars on a clear night, and the simple nature walks from cabin to chapel creates a magical energy which rejuvenates one’s joy and excitement.

This 20 acre location in the Nantahala Forest provides unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime.  Each bride, groom and wedding party creates their own magic and leaves with their own unique memories as Buck Creek and the spacious Double R Wedding natural landscape awaits your arrival and adapts to your joy, enthusiasm and energy of the special weekend and wedding day.  It’s absolutely amazing what happens once you arrive and experience the beauty of the surroundings — simple but elegant.

All inclusive Dining Available for up to 75 Guests

Double R Wedding Vows and Events offers a special reception hall venue location on-site to host up to seventy-five seats for this special occasion after the wedding. It’s a special time to eat, take pictures, play music and celebrate.

Depending on the size of your celebration, the type of food you want shared with guests, drinks and amount to offer, music to remember the occasion, pictures to capture time and place, clean up and the planning of the reception, Double R understands the value making this mountain wedding a memorable reality.

Chapel & Wedding spaces like no other.

This little white church deep into the pristine Nantahala Forest was built to replicate an old timey church in the wild woods. The Chapels position was thought out precisely to sit next to the clear running water of Buck Creek. As the pictures show, the church is lined with windows so that the guests may view the river in any seat in the church and hear The sounds of the river flowing over the rocks lightly.

Located just a few hours outside of Atlanta, GA

Located in a rural and secluded area nestled in the Nantahala Forest. The event party will have to be forged across a river to the location which is unique and unlike any other venue in the area of North Georgia or North Carolina.

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